Blessings 2 U!

 Prayer ministry for Breast Cancer Patients

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YYes, I had breast cancer.  I know each person is different.  But I imagine at the point and time a lot of people have  said to you  "oh I'm so sorry to hear you have cancer."  You might feel as though you must "console" them.  Don't!   It's okay.  Sometimes people don't know what to say.  They believe they "should" say "something."  It might be difficult at wrap your mind around your diagnosis.  You will probably hear this over and over, but it's so true.  You are not cancer.  You are a person "with" cancer.  Don't let this condition define you.  It's time to muster up all that is within you and FIGHT!!!!

     Do you have a family? Spouse, children, grandchildren or someone you were thinking about spending the rest of your life with?  If so you are blessed beyond measures!  Some people I know have traveled this road alone,  If you loved one has a difficult time dealing with your new's okay.  It may take awhile.  If you have young children or young grandchildren, tell them enough to satisfy the questions.  Prepare them that some days for you may be difficult.  Let them know you will have days when you have no energy to play with them, or cook or even watch television.  Prepare them as much as possible.

I hear you saying "how can I prepare them when I don't know how my body will react in the days and months ago."  I understand..but read ans ask questions of your physician.  If you can say to your family, "I don't know if this will happen to me, but sometimes people get really sick to their stomach from anesthesia or with Chemo, I'm probably going to lose my hair, but don't worry it'll grow back.

Yes, prepare them and yourself too.  

     It was hard for my husband to hear the words cancer.  It took the wind from his body.  We got the news over the phone.   

My doctor was out of town, so one of her partners called.  When I heard the voice of another doctor and not my personal physician...

I knew.  She said, " We didn't want to wait...I'm sorry but you do have breast cancer."  Then she asked "Are you okay?"  I said "Yes, I'm okay!"  Really?  I was just numb.  In less than five minutes, my life changed!  Our entire life changed.  Mine and my husband's!

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